As we have mentioned previously we have started to work with the Little Princess Trust who are an amazing charity that provide children, who have sadly lost their own hair through cancer treatment, with real-hair wigs. As the wigs cost the charity up to £2,000 any donations that can be made make an incredible difference. Celebrity supporters of the charity include Jessie J and actress Sai Bennett.

As we are one of their listed salons, the charity contact us if they have someone wishing to make a hair donation in the area. Recently the Little Princess Trust put us in touch with Gemma Bentley after she contacted them wishing to donate her hair to the charity.

There are a range of criteria that your hair must fit into for it to be suitable for donation. These include clean hair in good condition, straight or curly, less than 10% grey hair, coloured/bleached/highlighted or layered. The minimum hair donation length is 17cm.

Fortunately Gemma’s hair fitted into these categories so she was able to donate. We gave her a stylish cut after loosing all that lovely hair (to a worthy cause, of course!). The before and after pictures below show just how much hair has been donated – fantastic!

If you want to follow in Gemma’s footsteps but have a few more questions first contact us on 0161 834 1422 or for more information visit

little princess trust hair donationlittle princess trust hair donation