Your hair and and hair colour will really be suffering due to central heating and cold weather. Here are some simple tips to improve the look and feel of your hair:

  • MOISTURISE YOUR HAIR ~ Make the time to replenish your hair moisture with a deep conditioning treatment and close the hair cuticle. Matrix Biolage Exquisite Oil Replenishing Treatment restores dry ends for immediate luster. You can massage with it before shampooing for a smoothing treatment, use it to restore dry mid-lengths and ends for immediate luster, and you can even use it to replenish extra-dry ends by using it as an overnight treatment. It’s even good for detangling after shampooing for additional manageability, and for protecting during blow-drying or prior to flat ironing for softness and shine.
  • COLD RINSE ~ It may sound simple, but wash your body with warm/hot water and wash and rinse your hair with cool/cold water – it closes the cuticle and reduces frizz.
  • BLOW DRY CAREFULLY ~ When blow-drying, work from roots to ends (in the direction of the cuticle) to keep hair smooth and more light reflective. You want that cuticle to stay closed! After blow-drying, hit hair with the cool setting and a paddle brush to lock in shine. The cool air helps the cuticle to stay shut.

If you take the time now to look after your hair and it’s colour it will shine on glossy and vibrant throughout the winter and into spring.