Olympic fever has gripped Britain.Hairdresser in Manchester UK

As well as their performance, some athletes have seen their personal appearance scrutinised.  Our own Jessica Ennis has been the poster girl of London 2012 but not all competitors have received such positive attention.

Many websites are displaying pictures of “Olympic best hairstyles” with the chance for people to vote on their favourite styles.  However, in some cases this has become malicious.  16 year old U.S. gymnast Gabby Douglas won Gold for her country, however her hair came under scrutiny by social media users branding it as “unkempt” and this has caused uproar.

In light of this we have chosen to look at hair care and exercise.

Hairdresser in Manchester UKExercise is good for your health but can be damaging for your hair. Cardio exercise may cause excessive sweating. Sweat can cause a salt build-up in the hair which leads to dryness and breaking, this is made worse when a hat or scarf is worn over the hair as it locks in the moisture. Headbands can also cause damage as they can cause friction on the hairline.

If you do want to keep your hair tied up off your face opt for satin or silk material.

Effects of Swimming

Swimming is a popular sport in the Olympics and is also an excellent way to stay healthy; however the chlorine in the water can make hair dry.

To care for your hair after swimming make sure your wash your hair immediately after swimming, if you can’t wash it straight away at least rinse it to get the chemicals out.  After shampooing the hair work conditioner into it, concentrating on the roots.  Leave on for 3-5 minutes so the conditioner works deep into your hair.  There are hair products available for frequent swimmers however, normal moisturising conditioner will work fine.

After conditioning rinse thoroughly and squeeze out excess water, gently rub the hair dry with a towel.  If your hair is very dry there are spray-on conditioners available which will help with dryness.

After spraying on the conditioner separate hair gently with a wide tooth comb. Never use a hair brush on wet hair as this can cause breakage. If your styling routine involves a hair dryer,Hairdresser in Manchester UK use it on the lowest possible heat setting as heated stylers can cause additional damage to the hair.

Another option is to use a swimming cap or coat hair in conditioner before swimming.

If your hair is being ruined by your exercise regime, a deep conditioning treatment or hot oil treatment can be used once a week.

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