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This winter was all about edgy hair. Sharp bobs and choppy pixie cuts were bang on trend, with the added benefits of being super low maintenance in spite of wind, rain and snow. But now that the sun is out, and we’re all in the mood for summer, are you starting to feel hair cut regret? Are you wishing you could create those lushious beachy waves we all crave during the sunny seasons? Well, why not give extensions a try? They’ve come on a long way since the poorly disguised artificial hair of the early naughties – check out these celebs for some inspiration…

Kourtney Kardashian

While we’ve never seen the any of the Kardashians with anything but flawless hair, we’re especially loving Kourtney’s not-so-natural locks. Rather than lengthening, Kourtney’s extensions thicken, leaving her hair looking thick, shiny and full of life.

Selena Gomez

Selena fully embraces ‘hippy chic’, coupling extra long extensions with a floral headband and bare midriff. We think this would be the perfect look for a festival, particularly for those with a centre parting.

Rita Ora

Rita shocked us all at the Oscars, swapping her trademark bob for some platinum waves in a more relaxed version of her classic retro look. Rita is living proof that blonde looks amazing with any skin tone – especially in summer!


We couldn’t just pick one look for Beyonce – her hair changes far too often for us to keep track! Bey is a great example of the flexibility of extensions and weaves – they’re changeable, they’re dyeable and you’re never stuck with one style for long.

Daniel Radcliffe

Sorry – we couldn’t resist! But hey, who says hair extensions are only for women? We actually think that Daniel has been something of a trailblazer in the male extension department – was Jared Leto copying his ‘do at the Oscars last week?!

DSC_6489 edit

We love the versatility of hair extensions, hair pieces and weaves. Can’t wait for your short hair to grow out – you don’t have to! Which is why this year, we were thrilled to welcome the wonderful Tinu, the creator of Dilusso Hair Extensions, to join us! Tinu offers some of the best hair extensions in Manchester and is now on hand for customers of all hair types looking for great quality, all natural extensions and weaves.

If you’re looking for summer makeover, and want to find out more about the hair that Tinu has to offer, contact us today on 0161 834 1422 or use our contact form to book an appointment. You can also pop into the salon on Peter Street – we’re always available for a chat!

November is coming to a close and moustachioed men all over the country have their razors in hand, ready to shave away the efforts of Movember for a fresh start next month.  There’s nothing more satisfying than a clean upper lip after 30 days of itching, scratching and collecting crumbs – but why stop at the ‘tache?  Now’s the perfect time to try out a new look on top of your head as well!  But before you pull a Jose Mourinho, put down the clippers, ditch the DIY, and check out our top styles this Christmas…

  • alex turnerRetro: For a 60’s rocker look, try a low number-one fade, with plenty of volume on top.  This works best for curly-haired gents, and can be styled by combing forward to accentuate the shape.
  • Bowl-cut: Believe it or not, those haircuts you despised as a child are back.  Only this time, they’re not done in your mum’s living room.  Again, short on the sides and heavy on top – only with minimal layering.  Style with straighteners for a truly 80’s look, or use texturising gel for a messy, modern feel.
  • Fringe: Sharp at the sides and short on the crown, becoming progressively thicker towards the front, the fringe is set to be the biggest masculine hair trend of 2014.  Already seen on the catwalk from multiple designers, the fringe is a versatile style that can be worn to suit your tastes.  Slick it back for a vintage quiff, or wear it choppy over your face for an edgier look.
  • Side Parting: For those growing out a shorter cut, but still wanting to maintain the clean-cut look, a side parting is key.  And with the 20’s trend still going strong, a side part can enhance the Gatsby vibe.  Why not try a new colour like blue black or platinum white to really intensify the look?
  • Silver Streak: Celebrities from George Lamb to Robbie Williams have embraced the grey.  A silver streak through the front of the hair can compliment a quiff and give dark hair a pop of colour.

If any of these styles take your fancy, or if you have some ideas of your own, why not give us a call and celebrate the end of Movember at Peter Marcus?  Nothing compliments a freshly shaven chin like a new ‘do up top – and with Christmas approaching, you never know who you might want to impress under the mistletoe!  We’re open on Sundays through the month of December and will be introducing more late nights to fit in as many customers as we can over the festive period. D rop us a line to find out more – you can call us on 0161 834 1422, send us a message using our contact form or visit us at our salon on Peter Street.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in Movember and raised money and awareness for men’s health issues.  Go Mo Bros!

Peter Marcus - Winter Hair CareBritish seasons can take their toll on your hair, especially as the weather drops below zero in the winter.  Cold wind and frost can leave your hair feeling dry, brittle and damaged, and with a season of festive parties ahead, now’s the time we all need to look our best.  Here are our top winter hair care tips to keep you looking fabulous well into the New Year…

Wash your hair less – It may sound crazy, but washing your hair fewer times per week can actually make your hair feel healthier during winter.  Every time you wash your hair, you strip away natural oils and moisturisers.  Hair can often appear dry during winter, and so now is the time you need those oils most.  Try cutting it down to once or twice a week, and see if you notice a difference.

Oils, oils, oils! - There are so many great oil products available right now to help restore the natural balance of your hair and leave it looking silky and smooth.  Try massaging some oil into the scalp – be it Argan oil or olive oil (yes – really!) – before washing out with shampoo a couple of hours later to condition and nourish the scalp.

Turn the temperature down - Now, we’re not saying take cold showers, but turning down the temperature of the water from steaming hot to warm can prevent damage to both your hair and your skin.  Extreme water temperatures can damage your hair, especially when coming in from the freezing temperatures outside.

Dry naturally - Wherever possible, letting your hair dry naturally is much better than using heat.  If your hair is prone to dryness in winter, avoiding high temperature tools such as straighteners and curling wands is advised, as they only dry out the hair more.  However, it is important not to go out in winter with wet hair, as this can actually cause the hair to freeze and snap!  If you’re in a rush, use a leave-in conditioner before blow-drying.

Try out the Topstyler - If you just can’t bear not to sport your trademark curls this Christmas, why not ask Santa for the Topstyler?  Far more gentle than curling irons or wands, the Topstyler encases your hair in heated shells, cooling down naturally, leaving you with beautiful curls with less of the damage.

Watch what you put on your hair - Products with high alcohol levels can leave your hair feeling brittle and dry – consider investing in some salon quality products for a touch of luxury this winter.

Have a trim - Trimming the ends of your hair keeps it looking healthy.  You may also consider getting a more simple, easy-to-manage cut in winter.  The less fuss you need to make over your hair daily, the less split ends and breakages you will end up with.  Keep your haircut short and simple, and maintain a healthy, shiny look for longer.

If you want a ‘new do’ for Christmas, or just want a professional styling for a festive party, why not book in with Peter Marcus?  We’re a top Manchester salon, who welcome male and female clients.  Check out our Christmas news post for information on our extra opening times during December.  Feel free to give us a ring on 0161 834 1422 or call into the salon on Peter Street, Manchester.  You can also contact us via our website.

christmas at peter marcusHalloween is over which means it’s officially time to start getting excited about Christmas!

Christmas is a busy time for everyone – ourselves included. With Christmas parties, New Year celebrations and family dinners galore, December is peak season when it comes to hair. As one of the top hair salons in Manchester, we get a lot of requests during this time and we just hate turning people away. Which is why this year Peter Marcus will be opening on Sundays throughout the month of December! Whether you’re looking for a new colour for the new year or just a blow-dry for a bit of extra sparkle at the office Christmas do, we’ll be here to help. We’ll also be introducing more late nights to accommodate those who find it difficult to make it in during our usual opening hours.

And what is Christmas without gifts? Don’t forget, we sell a fantastic range of luxury hair products with something to suit everyone. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have to make sure you walk away with the perfect gift for your special someone – what better way to show your loved ones you care? Pop into the salon or give us a call to talk about our current range.

Everybody deserves to have a glamorous Christmas, so why not treat yourself during this hectic time? If you need some inspiration, take a look at our blog for our favourite looks for winter or book a consultation. And don’t forget our special introductory offer – we give first-time customers 25% off if you visit Monday-Thursday with selected stylists.

It’s never too early to start planning so get booked in now to ensure a place over the festive period – don’t miss out! Give us a ring on 0161 834 1422 or call into the salon on Peter Street, Manchester. You can also contact us via our website.

topstyler (1)

The Topstyler has become the ultimate must-have hair tool for Autumn and Winter 2013. With hair and beauty fanatics all across the country falling in love with the unique “C-Shell” technology, it’s safe to say that the new release from the creators of Instyler has taken the UK by storm. Which is why we’re so proud that one of our top stylists, Marcus Shamim, is the official Topstyler UK brand ambassador.

One of the greatest advantages of the Topstyler is its ability to create such a vast variety of styles. Unlike a curling iron, which can only create one size of curl, the Topstyler offers much more flexibility. It’s all about how you form the curl, and how you brush the curl out. Rolling the hair around one finger, for instance, creates a tight ringlet. These can these be brushed through with your fingers to create natural looking, bouncy curls. Whereas rolling the hair around two or three fingers, before brushing out using a paddle brush, creates loose waves, for a relaxed, beachy look.

However, the possibilities don’t stop there. Why not try and get creative with your Topstyler? Those with short bobbed hair can use the Topstyler to add volume rather than curl. By curling from the root around three fingers to create large pin curls, the Topstyler creates volume and body, whilst still maintaining a straight and choppy style. Alternatively, the EZ Wrap Styling Wand which comes with every Topstyler can be used to create an on-trend retro style. Wrapping the hair around the two prongs in a figure of eight creates a sharp finger wave, which can then be brushed out on longer hair to create a 40’s style wave, or moulded using your fingers on short hair to create a traditional 20’s style. The Topstyler can even be used in place of a crimping tool, by plaiting the hair before wrapping and securing with the C-Shell.



To book a consultation or appointment with Topstyler’s UK brand ambassador, Marcus Shamim, or any of our other talented stylists, get in touch! Visit our salon in Manchester (located on Peter Street) or get in touch by phone on 0161 834 1422 or via our website.