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Your hair and and hair colour will really be suffering due to central heating and cold weather. Here are some simple tips to improve the look and feel of your hair:

  • MOISTURISE YOUR HAIR ~ Make the time to replenish your hair moisture with a deep conditioning treatment and close the hair cuticle. Matrix Biolage Exquisite Oil Replenishing Treatment restores dry ends for immediate luster. You can massage with it before shampooing for a smoothing treatment, use it to restore dry mid-lengths and ends for immediate luster, and you can even use it to replenish extra-dry ends by using it as an overnight treatment. It’s even good for detangling after shampooing for additional manageability, and for protecting during blow-drying or prior to flat ironing for softness and shine.
  • COLD RINSE ~ It may sound simple, but wash your body with warm/hot water and wash and rinse your hair with cool/cold water – it closes the cuticle and reduces frizz.
  • BLOW DRY CAREFULLY ~ When blow-drying, work from roots to ends (in the direction of the cuticle) to keep hair smooth and more light reflective. You want that cuticle to stay closed! After blow-drying, hit hair with the cool setting and a paddle brush to lock in shine. The cool air helps the cuticle to stay shut.

If you take the time now to look after your hair and it’s colour it will shine on glossy and vibrant throughout the winter and into spring.

For styling hair that is thinning, one thing you need to do is avoid longer hairstyles. Thinner hair when grown long tends to look stringy. A good style that looks neat and flattering is to have the hair at the top of the head where it is thinning cut so that the hairs in the centre of the top will reach to the top side of the head or a little shorter. The shorter lengths overlapping one another will make the hair appear thicker. The hair can be combed forward or obliquely at an angle and minimize the appearance of the widow’s peak.

Use your hands to scrunch or squeeze the curls into place; never brush curly hair!

For long hair, simply bend over and dry your hair upside down. Try using your hands to scrunch and lift hair into place. Creating lift at the scalp is your goal.

For shorter hair, drying with a round brush is the answer. Styling mousses and gels are essential for keeping the volume all day.

Conditioning is the key for a soft and silky hair. Many of the everyday things to which we subject our hair cause negative effects. Blow drying, curling irons, flat irons, wind, pollution, swimming pool water, ocean water, overexposure to the sun, and even sleeping all have the potential to damage the hair in some degree. These activities leave the hair feeling rough and straw-like, being also vulnerable to loss of moisture.

If you feel that your hair is “abused” by your daily routine and environment, then your shampoo should be a gentle, moisturizing formula, and the conditioner needs to be moisture-rich as well. Finally, if you use blow-dryers, curling irons, flat-irons or if your hair is exposed to the elements as part of your daily routine, you should also use a leave-in conditioner for extra protection.