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home hair colourDo you use home hair colour out of a box?  Do so at your own risk.

We’re not into scaremongering, but many home hair colour boxes just aren’t safe.  Many come with information that describe some common side effcts but often these can be just the tip of the iceberg.  We’ve come across the following advice via that details some of the lesser know side effects to home hair colour kits:

Blistering: The chemical cocktails in typical hair dyes can lead to blisters on various parts of the body. The scalp and hairline are most commonly affected, of course, because that’s where the dye rests on the skin. But it’s also possible to develop blisters on the face, neck and elsewhere. Chemicals easily penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream, producing effects in apparently unrelated areas of the body.

Rash: A severe rash is not only potentially scarring, but it can also indicate an allergic reaction. When the offending hair dye has worked through the system and the rash begins to heal, rubbing in some natural aloe vera gel can prevent or reduce the appearance of scars.

Swelling: Puffy face and eyes are a clear warning sign that the body is rejecting something foreign; chemical-based hair dye has been known to cause this reaction in many people. In a worst case scenario, the swelling of soft tissue could make it hard to breathe or swallow, a life-threatening situation.

Itchy, dry scalp: While not likely to land anyone in the hospital, achieving a particular hair colour doesn’t need to come at the cost of skin irritation.

Thinning hair: Chemical hair dyes are known to cause thinning hair and hair loss. Look for more hair than usual falling out in the shower or after brushing.

Liver enzymes: The most serious of all adverse reactions, elevated liver enzymes are a silent danger – they’re undetectable unless a doctor conducts a blood test. Elevated enzymes can result when the liver goes into overdrive trying to filter toxins like those found in most boxed hair dyes from the bloodstream.

Frighteningly, some of these side effects may take days or even weeks to develop causing many user not to suspect their home hair colour to be the problem.  Our advice?  If you experience any of the above symptoms, stop using chemical hair dye immediately.

For perfect results every time, without any of the nasty side effects, use a professional hair salon.  At Peter Marcus we have experienced colourists who will take the time to colour-match our vast range of colouring products to your skin tone.  Application is carried out to industry standards and we use only the best, fully approved products throughout the salon.  Don’t take the risk; book an appointment with the Peter Marcus team today.  Call us on 0161 834 1422 or use the booking form on our website.

Opti-Smooth-CollectionFrizzy hair is torture and in extreme cases can require special treatment.  Frizz appears in curly and wavy hair and is caused by a lack of hydration.  For anyone who suffers with frizzy hair, even the slightest hint of moisture can send their hair into frizz frenzy!  Rainy days are a particularly miserable experience, and living in Manchester, we have many of them!

But hot and sunny weather can also have a detrimental effect on frizzy hair as the sun, harsh sand grains and cholrine from the holiday pool can all dry out and strip hair of moisture.

It can be a losing battle trying to tame frizzy hair yourself, and often a professional treatment is the only answer.

We recommend Matrix Opti.Smooth.  It’s a permanent chemical hair straightening treatment, and in our opinion, is the best on the market.  The one-off treatment usually costs £250 but we’re currently offering it at a special price of £200!

This technique provides three services: Heat Straightening (sleek, perfectly straight hair), Cold Smoothing (smooth natural looking hair with movement) or 3D Curl (enhanced, smooth curls full of shine).  The results are immediately visible and hair looks healthy and glossy.  Hair is more manageable and those frizzy, undefined locks are now bursting with definition and smoothness, whether it’s raining outside or not.  You can still wear your hair curly, even after the straightening treatment; using a curling iron you can still achieve beautiful curls that are now smooth and defined.  The treatment is not recommended for home use.  For the best results, we advise that you visit the salon and take advantage of the £50 saving and let one of our highly experienced team of professional stylists restore your hair.

If you want to enjoy smooth, straight hair, book in for you FREE Matrix Opti.Smooth consultation with Peter Marcus today.  And remember, our limited time only reduced price of £200 for the treatment.  Call us on 0161 834 1422 or contact us via our website.  Alternatively, pop into our salon on Peter Street.

Summer is the time for weddings. Being the perfect guest sometimes involves a lot of time: the a new dress, the right shoes and a beautiful hairstyle. This season’s popular wedding hair style is the braid.  With so many different types of braid to go for, from the bohemia loose and messy braid to a highly styled and sleek fishtail, there is one to suit everyone.  Here is a pick of our favourite braids:

Wedding hairstyles 2014

  • A braid crown is elegant and comfortable. It is the hairstyle most used by celebrities on the red carpet.  Just need to separate your hair in two sections and braid them into two. Next, pull one braid up over your head and pin it. Repeat on the opposite side, positioning the second braid behind the first.


Wedding hairstyles 2014

  • A messy braid gives a casual style and you can make a lot of combinations. A simple option is to lace two or three little braids around your head and curl the hair.    Or if you prefer, just put your messy braid on one side.


Wedding hairstyles 2014

  • Fishtail braid, the french style. This variety requires a bit more time if your hair is long. The first step is dividing your hair into two large sections. Pull a thin strand of hair from the outside of each section and overlap in the middle. Repeat until all the hair is used.


Wedding hairstyles 2014

  • Accessories brightening up any hairstyle. A fashionable accessory for braids is the plastic flower. It has become a star item this year. You can add as many as you like to create different looks to the classic braid.



Picking the right braid to match your wedding outfitis one thing, but mastering the up-do yourself is another.  Take the stress out of preparing your look for the next wedding  – you are invited to by letting us do the hard work for you.  Our talented team of stylists can create the perfect braid to have you wedding-ready in no time at all – leaving you longer to assemble the rest of your outfit!

If you need some advice about wedding hairstyles 2014, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0161 834 1422.  If you prefer, you can make an appointment through our online form and visit us at the Peter Street salon.

This month we welcomed a new member to the Peter Marcus family.  Andrea joins us from her home-town of Kildare, Ireland – however hairdressing isn’t her only passion..

While it may look like butter wouldn’t melt, Andrea actually has a long and successful history in the boxing ring!  At just eleven years old, she became the first Irish national champion to come out of her local boxing club, making history and earning herself a lifelong title.  In 2010, Andrea travelled to the National Stadium in Dublin to compete in the Girls 1 44kg Final, beating her opponent 6-1 and securing victory for St. Brigid’s boxing club.  Her performance was so impressive, that her coach has used the match footage to teach other youngsters at the club ever since!

andrea moorhouse boxing champion

It was a momentous occasion for the club, which had only been newly formed.  The coaches were unsure about whether any of the students would be ready to compete so early on, however Andrea proved them wrong, working her way up to the final and taking home the gold for Kildare.

However, Andrea has now put down her boxing gloves and decided that her future lies in styling.  She’s starting her journey with us at the Peter Street salon, and we’re sure that her spark and determination will get her a long way in the industry.  We’re delighted that she’s with us, and are proud to have a sporting champion on the team!

To make an appointment at our salon in Manchester city centre, use our booking form or call us on 0161 834 1422.

Our time at Selfridges is now over, and the team at Peter Marcus wanted to take some time to thank everyone who called into our pop up blow dry bar over the last month. Since taking up our spot on the top floor of the Exchange Square store at the beginning of May, we’ve had so many friendly faces come in and get dolled up by our expert stylists. In fact, so many of you loved our blow dry bar that Selfridges even asked us to stay an extra week!

Our stylists were on hand for over a month, offering a 30 minute no wash service, with no appointment necessary. This made our city centre blow dry bar ideal if you needed a mini-makeover before a night out – or if you got caught in a Manchester downpour before an important meeting!

We’d particularly like to take the time to thank bloggers, SweetieSal and A-Listed, who both wrote glowing reviews about our styling bar, and everyone who posted pictures of your finished style on Twitter – we loved seeing your selfies and we hope to see you all in the salon soon!

blow dry bar manchester customers

 Clockwise from top right: @nadine_callan, @franslager, and @annasmolovyk from @lavidamagazine

To speak to make an appointment at our Peter Street salon, use our booking form or call us on 0161 834 1422.