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Four of our favourite hair styles for Christmas 2014

With so many events over the festive period there are a huge amount of outfits to plan and hairstyles to co-ordinate. Family parties, work events and of course, New Years Eve, your hair will have to be looking its best.

At Peter Marcus Christmas is one of our favourite times of the year, mainly because we get to experiment with different party looks for our clients, from plaits to waves, every customer wants a look tailored to their needs.

centre parted waves 2We have chosen 4 of our favourite styles for the 2014 party season:

Centre parted waves

A classic all year round, a statement centre parting paired with relaxed natural looking waves would be perfect for any occasion this Christmas. Popular amongst a range of different celebrities this style gives an effortless ‘I woke up like this’ look leaving people wondering if you have naturally tousled locks.

sleek pony tail

Sleek ponytail

Structured, sleek and stylish -perfect for the festive season. A tightly pulled back pony, parted however you like with the hair smoothed down and fastened high or low. Getting this look right isn’t easy.  To achieve this look in the salon we use products to create a high shine, a dedicated grooming hair brush and an eye for detail. Paired with a cocktail dress and a bold lip colour, this is a sophisicated look.

volume (1)

High volume blowdry

You can never go wrong with a traditional blow dry however, give it that Christmas sparkle and ask for a little more volume than usual. We think that any length, cut or colour would suit this style plus this versatile look can be styled into a messy or poker straight fashion depending on what you would like.

messy updo

Undone updo

All up, half down, high, low, plaits, curls, waves there are a lot of variations on an undone updo. A messy updo is perfect for events when you want to feel glamorous but not too dressed up. Even if you’re not sure exactly what style you would like one of our trained stylists will be able to create the perfect updo for you.

If you’ve already decided on the style you want we will be happy to create it for you however, if you are unsure our highly trained stylists will be able to decide what would suit you best.

Our Christmas bookings are being taken up quickly so if you want one of our stylists to create your party hair you will need to book as soon as possible. To book an appointment please call us on 0161 834 1422 or use our online booking form.

Our brand new Selfridges salon in the Beauty Basement at Exchange Square has been open for two weeks now.

We hope many of you have a had chance to come and visit, and perhaps even have a cut or blow dry. If you haven’t seen it yet, we wanted to share these piccys with you.

We’re really proud of the salon and think it fits in well with all the other beauty bars, counters and set-ups at Selfridges. We’ve got a comfortable and stylish waiting area, six styling stations, two backwash units and numerous display areas featuring all the products we recommend and use on our clients. You can even purchase your favourite hair care items at the Selfridges salon, just as you would in our Peter Street studio.

So, what do you think?

Come and see us soon. You won’t miss us; we’re straight in front of you when you come off the escalator on to the beauty floor.

Selfridges hair salonWe are so excited to be setting up a second home in Selfridges Exchange Square from the start of October!

The new Selfridges hair salon follows our highly successful pop-up blow-dry bar at the retail giant earlier this year.  Throughout May and June the Peter Marcus team were housed on the top floor of the Manchester department store, offering customers blow-dry and curl styling.  The latest venture is building on this success, this time with a full range of salon services.

We’ve enjoyed a long relationship with Selfridges, having styled numerous in-house fashion shows for them, and we’re thrilled to be working with them once more.  It’s a really exciting opportunity for us to offer our expertise to Selfridges customers, who we know demand the very best.

Following the ethos of ‘the best’, we will be exclusively using the new Matrix COLORINSIDER™ technology at the Selfridges hair salon.  The no ammonia, permanent hair colour offers high-definition colour with a shade palette including vibrant reds and rich browns.  Cutting, styling and other hair treatments will also be available.

The 300 square foot salon will be nestled in the new Beauty & Fashion Jewellery Hall, located in the Selfridges basement, amongst many other luxury brands.  The interior design of the Peter Marcus salon will feature our own branding but will of course be in-keeping with the classic Selfridges theme, to ensure continuity across the store.  Three stylists and two assistants will be on hand at all times to offer top class styling to Selfridges customers.

The Peter Marcus Selfridges hair salon will have an initial five month tenancy from October 2014 to February 2015.

For bookings and enquiries, please continue to contact our Peter Street salon on 0161 834 1422 or email

home hair colourDo you use home hair colour out of a box?  Do so at your own risk.

We’re not into scaremongering, but many home hair colour boxes just aren’t safe.  Many come with information that describe some common side effcts but often these can be just the tip of the iceberg.  We’ve come across the following advice via that details some of the lesser know side effects to home hair colour kits:

Blistering: The chemical cocktails in typical hair dyes can lead to blisters on various parts of the body. The scalp and hairline are most commonly affected, of course, because that’s where the dye rests on the skin. But it’s also possible to develop blisters on the face, neck and elsewhere. Chemicals easily penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream, producing effects in apparently unrelated areas of the body.

Rash: A severe rash is not only potentially scarring, but it can also indicate an allergic reaction. When the offending hair dye has worked through the system and the rash begins to heal, rubbing in some natural aloe vera gel can prevent or reduce the appearance of scars.

Swelling: Puffy face and eyes are a clear warning sign that the body is rejecting something foreign; chemical-based hair dye has been known to cause this reaction in many people. In a worst case scenario, the swelling of soft tissue could make it hard to breathe or swallow, a life-threatening situation.

Itchy, dry scalp: While not likely to land anyone in the hospital, achieving a particular hair colour doesn’t need to come at the cost of skin irritation.

Thinning hair: Chemical hair dyes are known to cause thinning hair and hair loss. Look for more hair than usual falling out in the shower or after brushing.

Liver enzymes: The most serious of all adverse reactions, elevated liver enzymes are a silent danger – they’re undetectable unless a doctor conducts a blood test. Elevated enzymes can result when the liver goes into overdrive trying to filter toxins like those found in most boxed hair dyes from the bloodstream.

Frighteningly, some of these side effects may take days or even weeks to develop causing many user not to suspect their home hair colour to be the problem.  Our advice?  If you experience any of the above symptoms, stop using chemical hair dye immediately.

For perfect results every time, without any of the nasty side effects, use a professional hair salon.  At Peter Marcus we have experienced colourists who will take the time to colour-match our vast range of colouring products to your skin tone.  Application is carried out to industry standards and we use only the best, fully approved products throughout the salon.  Don’t take the risk; book an appointment with the Peter Marcus team today.  Call us on 0161 834 1422 or use the booking form on our website.

Opti-Smooth-CollectionFrizzy hair is torture and in extreme cases can require special treatment.  Frizz appears in curly and wavy hair and is caused by a lack of hydration.  For anyone who suffers with frizzy hair, even the slightest hint of moisture can send their hair into frizz frenzy!  Rainy days are a particularly miserable experience, and living in Manchester, we have many of them!

But hot and sunny weather can also have a detrimental effect on frizzy hair as the sun, harsh sand grains and cholrine from the holiday pool can all dry out and strip hair of moisture.

It can be a losing battle trying to tame frizzy hair yourself, and often a professional treatment is the only answer.

We recommend Matrix Opti.Smooth.  It’s a permanent chemical hair straightening treatment, and in our opinion, is the best on the market.  The one-off treatment usually costs £250 but we’re currently offering it at a special price of £200!

This technique provides three services: Heat Straightening (sleek, perfectly straight hair), Cold Smoothing (smooth natural looking hair with movement) or 3D Curl (enhanced, smooth curls full of shine).  The results are immediately visible and hair looks healthy and glossy.  Hair is more manageable and those frizzy, undefined locks are now bursting with definition and smoothness, whether it’s raining outside or not.  You can still wear your hair curly, even after the straightening treatment; using a curling iron you can still achieve beautiful curls that are now smooth and defined.  The treatment is not recommended for home use.  For the best results, we advise that you visit the salon and take advantage of the £50 saving and let one of our highly experienced team of professional stylists restore your hair.

If you want to enjoy smooth, straight hair, book in for you FREE Matrix Opti.Smooth consultation with Peter Marcus today.  And remember, our limited time only reduced price of £200 for the treatment.  Call us on 0161 834 1422 or contact us via our website.  Alternatively, pop into our salon on Peter Street.