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This month we welcomed a new member to the Peter Marcus family.  Andrea joins us from her home-town of Kildare, Ireland – however hairdressing isn’t her only passion..

While it may look like butter wouldn’t melt, Andrea actually has a long and successful history in the boxing ring!  At just eleven years old, she became the first Irish national champion to come out of her local boxing club, making history and earning herself a lifelong title.  In 2010, Andrea travelled to the National Stadium in Dublin to compete in the Girls 1 44kg Final, beating her opponent 6-1 and securing victory for St. Brigid’s boxing club.  Her performance was so impressive, that her coach has used the match footage to teach other youngsters at the club ever since!

andrea moorhouse boxing champion

It was a momentous occasion for the club, which had only been newly formed.  The coaches was unsure about whether any of the students would be ready to compete so early on, however Andrea proved them wrong, working her way up to the final and taking home the gold for Kildare.

However, Andrea has now put down her boxing gloves and decided that her future lies in styling.  She’s starting her journey with us at the Peter Street salon, and we’re sure that her spark and determination will get her a long way in the industry.  We’re delighted that she’s with us, and are proud to have a sporting champion on the team!

To make an appointment at our salon in Manchester city centre, use our booking form or call us on 0161 834 1422.

hair extensions manchesterAll mothers-to-be want to make sure they are keeping any potentially harmful substances away from their body while they are pregnant.  Most cut down on alcohol, cigarettes and even certain cheeses – but what about hair dye?  There are many myths surrounding hair dye and its effects on unborn babies, but most research suggests they largely false.  While hair dye does undoubtedly contain a lot of chemicals, the quantities are incredibly low, and there have yet to be any cases of unborn babies being harmed through their mother’s use of hair dye.  In order to be on the safe side though, most doctors recommend waiting 12 weeks (until the end of the first trimester) before using hair dye.  By this time, the baby is more developed and less vulnerable.

However if you want to use this time give up your hair dye addiction (or just want to make your pregnancy as safe as possible) now is the time to try out some alternatives.  When the baby is born, you may have less time or money to spend on dye jobs – so why not kill two birds with one stone and try one of these substitutes?

  • Dip dye – The risk with hair dye is that the chemicals are absorbed into the system by the scalp.  Again, there’s very little research which suggests this is harmful to the baby, but if you want to eliminate the risk whilst still having fun with your hair colour, why not try a dip dye?  Since only the ends of your hair are coloured, it eliminates a lot risk, but still allows you to play with colour.  Plus, if you get bored with the colour later on, it’s easy to remove – just cut off the coloured ends and try a shorter style.  You could also try highlights or ombred hair in natural shades for a more subtle look.
  • Extensions – If you want to try a new look, but are keen to stay away from the dye, clip in extensions can be a convenient alternative.  You can take them in and out whenever you want and depending on the length and colour, they can dramatically change your look.  A new style with minimum commitment!  Our extension stylist Tinu, can help you find the right colour and style for you, as well as cutting or dying the extensions to specification – contact the salon for a consultation.
  • If extensions aren’t your thing, why not go the other way and try that short style you’ve always thought about?  No change makes more of a statement than a dramatic chop, so take this time to try a bob, a pixie cut or even a bold undercut.  You have nine months for it to grow out before the baby arrives if you don’t gel with the style, and many women even report that their hair grows faster when pregnant – you have nothing to lose!
  • Of course, if you want to go cold turkey when it comes to dying your hair, you can always use these nine months to allow your real colour to grow through naturally.  It usually takes a year for your hair colour to come through at a reasonable length, so start now and it will be almost there by the time the baby arrives (possibly earlier if your hair grows quicker due to pregnancy hormones!)  You can treat yourself to a restyle at the end of the nine months to get rid of any remains of the old colour – just email our stylists.

One final thing to remember is that during pregnancy, your hair may undergo some changes due to hormones.  It could change in texture, need to be washed more often (or less) or respond differently to dye – so if you’re planning on using any colourants at home, be sure to do a strand test beforehand.  If you’re looking for a new style or an alternative to hair dye during pregnancy, contact Peter Marcus.  Call our stylists today on 0161 834 1422, send us an enquiry online or call into the salon for a free consultation.

Our time at Selfridges is now over, and the team at Peter Marcus wanted to take some time to thank everyone who called into our pop up blow dry bar over the last month. Since taking up our spot on the top floor of the Exchange Square store at the beginning of May, we’ve had so many friendly faces come in and get dolled up by our expert stylists. In fact, so many of you loved our blow dry bar that Selfridges even asked us to stay an extra week!

Our stylists were on hand for over a month, offering a 30 minute no wash service, with no appointment necessary. This made our city centre blow dry bar ideal if you needed a mini-makeover before a night out – or if you got caught in a Manchester downpour before an important meeting!

We’d particularly like to take the time to thank bloggers, SweetieSal and A-Listed, who both wrote glowing reviews about our styling bar, and everyone who posted pictures of your finished style on Twitter – we loved seeing your selfies and we hope to see you all in the salon soon!

blow dry bar manchester customers

 Clockwise from top right: @nadine_callan, @franslager, and @annasmolovyk from @lavidamagazine

To speak to make an appointment at our Peter Street salon, use our booking form or call us on 0161 834 1422.

marcus shamim matrix ambassador manchesterIt’s been a crazy few months for the Peter Marcus team – especially for one of our co-owners, Marcus Shamim.

Marcus is a proud member of the Matrix Global Ambassador Team, meaning that his incredible styling talent is recognised across the world.  Following on from his exciting trip to Iceland at the beginning of the year where he took part in the Matrix National Conference, he then flew out to New York to work with the brand.  But there’s no rest for the wicked, and only days after landing back in Manchester, Marcus is back on the road again.  And this time he’s headed to Bulgaria!

Marcus will be jet-setting off with the rest of the Matrix Global Ambassador Team, performing in hair shows and taking part in educational demonstrations.  The team is comprised of some of the most in-demand and cutting-edge hairdressers in the industry, who act as educators to stylists across the globe, sharing their creative vision and innovative techniques.

Both Marcus and Peter (a member of the Matrix Guest Team) feel honoured to work with Matrix, and to call Peter Marcus a Matrix Signature Salon.  The brand offers such a great range of products (many of which we frequently use in the salon) and getting to travel across the world showing others how to use them to create the best looks possible is a dream come true.

Marcus sets off on the 15th June, and is spending a week with the Matrix team, so will be unavailable for appointments during this time.  However please use our enquiry form or call us on 0161 834 1422 to book an appointment or consultation with any of our other talented stylists.

If you’re looking for a style to help you stand out from the crowd on a big night out, we’re also pleased to announce that our time at Selfridges Exchange Square has been extended!  The pop up blow dry bar will now be open until 18th June – so get your glad rags on and come and visit us on the third floor for a hair pick-me-up!

girl-237871_1280If you’re looking to mix things up and try a new style, but are lacking inspiration, examining your face can be a good place to start. The shape of your face can make a big difference to the way a certain cut or style looks. For example a bob worn by someone with a round face will look completely different to the exact same style worn by someone with a square face.

Here we’ll give you some useful tips which may provide you with some hair inspiration for your face shape. However remember when it comes to hair, the possibilities are endless – if you love a style and wear it with confidence, it’s sure to look good, no matter what!

  • Round faces, characterized by curved lines and a round chin, look great with asymmetrical hairstyles. Features that brake the symmetry of the face, such as a side parting, layered cut or long sweeping fringe, will frame your soft features and add a bit of edge to your look.
  • Square faces are said to be very photogenic due to the prominent jawline. The right haircut on square face can emphasise this unique facial structure – for example, a classic angled long bob. This style is cut shorter at the back and longer at the front, which frames the face without widening it.  If you prefer longer locks, soft waves with a centre parting also suit square faces.
  • Heart-shaped faces, also known as inverted triangle shaped faces, are wider at the brow and narrow at the chin. A blunt wispy fringe looks great on heart shaped faces, drawing attention towards the eyes. Or for a gorgeous way to show off those high cheek bones, why not try a pixie cut?
  • Oval faces are probably the most versatile face shape, with all lengths working with this shape. However, whatever the length, waves or curls will always work best for oval faces. Straight hair can pull the face down, making it seem longer, so try adding some body and texture with a curling wand or sea salt spray.

Regardless your face shape, don’t feel afraid of trying a new look! Our stylists are always on hand to give you useful advice and to help you find your perfect hairstyle. We can also offer styling tips and recommend the right products to help you achieve a salon finish at home. Give us a call on 0161 834 1422 or pop into the salon on Peter Street, Manchester.